Prepaid Meters

Product Specifications/Features
1. Compact structure, big capacity of 1.2dm3 cyclic volume and beautiful appearance.
2. Apply Hot-printed technology of international leading level on register, which insures legible reading never fading.
3. Inside and outside of meter case is electro dusted, which insures good appearance, moisture-proof, gas corrosion-resistant and high Impact-resistant.
4. The measuring unit is made of Japanese Copolymerization of formaldehyde M90-44 (POM), injected by Mitsubishi machine; The high physicochemical properties, strong reliability, good self-lubricating property and compactness surpass other similar products remarkably.

5. The rubber diaphragm is made of Polyester fabric coated with nitride synthetic rubber, passed more than 200 Million times of Bally Test, oil-resistant change of mass is less than 65%, the flexibility is less than 0.45g/cm, the low temperature type diaphragm can work under -35C ambient temperature. All specifications comply with National standard and International standard of OIML R311995.
6. The valve and vale seat are made of imported materials Z-41 Plastic pressure powder, which has been tested by foreign authority that the vale never distorts, has perfectly anti-function and high plainness after grind.
7. The material of register cover is Polycarbonate, which has strong impact resistance and keep the bolt falls into the track to withstand disassembly.
8. Special screw head and seal avoid illegal demolition.

9. Anti-reverse device completely prevents tampering.
10. The valve with 360 degree rotation has the ability to resist impurity conglutinates and freezing, and has strong stability and agility; And high accuracy of low discharge.
11. The upper case and lower case are pressed by a steel band under a 40ton atmospheric pressure, which insures stability of sealing.
12. 1: 1 gear on the transmission device insures the stability of metrology.

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RPD Meters

The rotary gas meters are positive displacement meters, designed to measure quantity of gas, for custody transfer or technical measurement applications. The devices are mainly applied for gas fl ow ranges from 0.2 up to 650 m³/h, and the pressure range up to 20 bar. Special design rotary gas meters may also be used in higher pressure installations.  Rotary Gas Meters are applied in measurement systems where high accuracy is required:

  • transportation of natural gas
  • primary and secondary measurements
  • control metering of natural gas and non aggressive technical gases in industry
  • flow measurement for technical purposes

The majority of applications are regional or local gas stations. Being a very precise instruments, resistant to disturbances and having a wide  measurement range, the  Rotary Gas Meters satisfy all technical demands of customers.

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Helios Regulator

Helios Pressure regulators are direct acting, self actuated, balanced plug regulators designed for medium and high pressures. They are designed to be used in distribution of Natural Gas, LPG, and other non corrosive gases where good performance of regulation and fast response to flow rate changes are required.

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Pegasus is a self operated pressure regulator which has been designed for distribution network. It is ideal for :
  • Burners first cut and farm tap regulator
  • First cut regulators and field regulator applications
  • Monitor pressure regulator for pressure and metering skid units
The lever operation ensures response to the flow variations is very fast. The regulator has good performance for inlet pressure variations with low lock up pressure.

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