Accura Pilot Operated Pressure Regulator

Accura is a pilot operated pressure regulator for medium and high pressure applications.It is particularly suitable for use for the distribution of natural gas, as well as for supply networks for civil and industrial use.The accuracy of regulated pressure, high range-ability ratio, together with fast adaptation to changes in operating conditions even in presence of abrupt changes in the flow rate, makes regulator suitable for wide range of distribution and supply applications.

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RPD Meters

The rotary gas meters are positive displacement meters, designed to measure quantity of gas, for custody transfer or technical measurement applications. The devices are mainly applied for gas fl ow ranges from 0.2 up to 650 m³/h, and the pressure range up to 20 bar. Special design rotary gas meters may also be used in higher pressure installations.  Rotary Gas Meters are applied in measurement systems where high accuracy is required:

  • transportation of natural gas
  • primary and secondary measurements
  • control metering of natural gas and non aggressive technical gases in industry
  • flow measurement for technical purposes

The majority of applications are regional or local gas stations. Being a very precise instruments, resistant to disturbances and having a wide  measurement range, the  Rotary Gas Meters satisfy all technical demands of customers.

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Helios Regulator

Helios Pressure regulators are direct acting, self actuated, balanced plug regulators designed for medium and high pressures. They are designed to be used in distribution of Natural Gas, LPG, and other non corrosive gases where good performance of regulation and fast response to flow rate changes are required.

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