Saxsons provides wide range production for transmission and distribution of Natural Gas. Saxsons provides

  1. City Gate Stations
  2. District Center
  3. Odorizers
  4. Metering Stations
Accura Pilot Operated Pressure Regulator

Accura is a pilot operated pressure regulator for medium and high pressure applications.It is particularly suitable for use for the distribution of natural gas, as well as for supply networks for civil and industrial use.The accuracy of regulated pressure, high range-ability ratio, together with fast adaptation to changes in operating conditions even in presence of abrupt changes in the flow rate, makes regulator suitable for wide range of distribution and supply applications.

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Accura B

Accura-B is a regulator developed for Natural Gas distribution and industrial applications. Its salient features are:
  • Simple design
  • Superior performance in pressure control
  • High flow capacity

Modular Design

Accura B has a modular design. It can incorporate Slamshut Valve

Top Entry Design

Accura B has a Top Entry Design. The maintainence can be done without removing regulator from line

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Filter - HCF

In gas reducing and metering plants it is a good practice to protect the sensitive equipments like pressure regulators, meters from the solid particles. Saxsons makes filters and various sizes and capacity to meet the requirement of the plants. These filters can be equipped with various accessories as per the requirements.

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Regulating skids for wide range of applications ranging from City gate stations
to domestic regulations. Pressure ­reducing stations can be developed for open
air, underground or cabinet/building­ protected applications. Different type of
regulators including globe,boot and axial flow.

Fiscal metering for custody transfer systems including turbine, RPD technologies.
Packages can be supplied complete of gas flow computer.
Various models of pressure regulating valves and shut off valves are available to
achieve desired accuracy of control. Each station is designed as per customer

Saxsons pressure regulating and meter stations are engineered, designed and
tested to meet customers’ expectations. We are known for products with rugged
construction, easy maintenance, and overall reliability. We’ve taken the input of
industry professionals

Saxsons brings together technology and engineering providing a wide range of
manufacturing and processing solutions for natural gas applications.

Our comprehensive customer skid offering is not just about pressure reduction
and metering, our array of customized solutions is vast, here are some
• Filtering Stations
• Heating Stations
• Fuel Gas Stations
• Safety Shutoff Stations
• Odorizer

Saxsons provides a complete After­Sales Service for all it products including:
• Installation, start­up and commissioning operations
• Scheduled technical and on­call assistance
• Upgrade and revamp of existing equipment
• After­Sales Technicians
• A complete range of spare parts kits stored in our fully automated
warehouse to guarantee fast deliveries
• An educational service offering a complete range of training programs for
customers of all levels developed and taught by experienced engineers

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Pegasus is a self operated pressure regulator which has been designed for distribution network. It is ideal for :
  • Burners first cut and farm tap regulator
  • First cut regulators and field regulator applications
  • Monitor pressure regulator for pressure and metering skid units
The lever operation ensures response to the flow variations is very fast. The regulator has good performance for inlet pressure variations with low lock up pressure.

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